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 We provide an AI-based platform that helps increase the retention of employees by boosting their emotional well-being, so that they become more engaged with the company.
Employees' privacy and confidentiality are maintained. 



  • Many people in the world suffer from depression, anxiety, and fears. They do not receive any emotional mental health treatment because either it is inaccessible, too expensive or they are deterred by the stigma. 

  • This problem has greatly increased due to Covid-19 and is still increasing with each variant with no end in sight. 

  • There are not enough psychotherapists to care for the emotional and mental health of all the people that need support. 

  • In the work environment, companies lose profits and suffer when employees are physically present but not available to effectively work because they are not emotionally present (Presenteeism), missing too many days of work (Absenteeism), leaving jobs to go to other companies (Job-Hopping), and/or burn-out.

Problem / Question

Value Proposition

  • KEG4ALL (Keys to Emotional Growth) enables individuals to improve their emotional well-being & functioning via the application.

  • The KEG approach offers a method to gain emotional insights to reduce stress & anxiety.

  • During a session a person  chooses pictures and answers guiding questions, that increase  understanding & self-awareness, anytime, anywhere at an affordable price with


  • The user can relate to the app as "my virtual best friend".

Value Proposition

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to facilitate people in self-treating their emotional well-being & mental health.

  • During the process people gain insights so that they can improve their

      functionality, overcome anxiety and fears and feel happier. As a result,            better world community with more acceptance is created.

Our Mission

Product Narrative (story) & Solution

  • People relate to the world emotionally using words and images. In the KEG application we use pictures to represent the issues at hand, discuss them so that the user can relate to the world with more insights and become emotionally healthier and happier.

  • People remember important events in their lives via pictures and visualization. That is the importance of KEG4All, that the users do not just talk about something that bothers them, but visualize and project their feelings onto pictures. The pictures in KEG4All app are based on thousands of hours of clinical work and therapy sessions with people.

  • Individuals choose pictures to represent their Traumas and inner feelings and create narratives from these pictures.

  • Our application guides them through their narrative to insights, understanding and better functioning in their lives. As a result, there is less absenteeism, presenteeism and job-hopping, and retention is increased. 

  • Our thought provoking pictures transcend language in guiding individuals to understand the options in their lives, that they did not see before.

  • We embed in our platform solution AI, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing and in the future also big data algorithms. 

  • The narratives that people create in their sessions are customized to their personal issues and help them reshape their perspectives of their own lives.

  • People cannot change reality; they can only change their reaction and how they relate to reality. 

  • Life brings tears, smiles, and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the emotional internalized memories last forever through pictures and these create the patterns that rule our lives.

  • An outcome of maintaining confidentiality & privacy in this self-treatment process is the fact that there is no related stigma or shame.


The stage we are in is pre-seed and is financed by the founders.

We are releasing our MVP in order to get feedback on the app.

We have a great team that is working together on the app & platform.
We are planning to conduct a pilot study in several months in organizations that are interested in increasing employees' retention.

We are looking for investors who are interested in social impact and emotional mental health

and for HR consultants that are interested in employees' retention.



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